“Amongst Angels Chicago, an exposition of Liz “Beloved” Lazdin’s multimedia spray paint, collage, drawing, and painting works, illuminates the way that grit and vulnerability collide in urban spaces, embodied in key figures from Chicago’s activist and hip hop communities.
Beloved explained some of the impetus behind the show:
“… I just [paint canvases or pieces] to capture a beautiful moment, or to capture something powerful, or I do it to have something to do in the house now that I can’t go out and run around on the trains and write on things. These are all stories, just stories of people I come in contact with, and emotions, and how there are powerful, beautiful things right in front of us…” …stories about courage and the voice of the city. They use multiple media including newspaper stories, journal articles, drawings, cartoons, and publicity material that textures such stories, as they issue forth in a multivocal key…”

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