One of my more recent paintings has found a permanent home in the offices of FLY: Fearless -Leading -Youth; a grassroots organization in Woodlawn run by and for the youth. Damian Turner (or Damian FLY) who was a founding member of the organization, died senselessly when, after having been caught in the cross-fire of a neighborhood shooting, had to ride 45 minutes to get medical attention. In response FLY has made it their mission to address youth violence and demand that local UofC hospital re-open it’s trauma center, as there is not one serving much of the south side. The portrait and focal point of the piece is Damian. I used flyers from various FLY actions in the background as well as my beloved Chicago stencil and some original art. I only knew Damian in passing, but I was always impressed by his and all FLY members’ courage to learn about social issues, protest in the streets and be leaders. What a perfect home for this creation! Thanks to Darrius FLY for making it happen.

602 E 61st St: FLY & STOP

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